Dutch Entries for 2019 Oscars

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"The Resistance Banker"

"The Resistance Banker," directed by Joram Lürsen, has been chosen as the official entry from The Netherlands for the 2019 Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

The World War II film, set in occupied Netherlands, is based on the extraordinary, true story of banker Walraven van Hall who financed the Dutch Resistance by defrauding the Central Bank under German control out of tens of millions of guilders - right under the noses of the Nazis.

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Award-winning director Joram Lürsen has received numerous international prizes for his previous films, that include "In Orange" and "The Magicians."

Earlier this week "The Resistance Banker" received a record-breaking 12 Golden Calf nominations, the national film awards of the Netherlands Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. As one of the three top-performing Dutch titles at the local box-office in 2018, the film is also nominated for the Golden Calf Audience Award.

International rights to "The Resistance Banker" were snapped up by Netflix and the film will hit the small screen worldwide on 11 September (with the exception of China, and in Belgium and The Netherlands where the film will be available on later dates).

The nominations in all categories for the Academy Awards will be announced on January 22, 2019. The 91st Oscars Ceremony will take place February 24.

The Resistance Banker is written by Marieke van der Pol and Thomas van der Ree/Winchester McFly and produced by Sytze van der LaanSabine Brian and Alain de Levita for NL Film and TV (NL) in co-production with EO - Evangelical Broadcasting (NL) and Zilvermeer Productions (BE).

"Nothing To Declare"

Short Live Action film "Nothing to Declareby Hetty de Kruijf, has been selected by an independent committee of Dutch film professionals for Oscar® submission in the Live Action Short Film Category.

"Nothing to Declare" tells the story of three young strangers forced to flee their homes who end up together in the back of a truck. They pass the time on this unusual road trip by sharing their stories, hopes and dreams. The story of the film was inspired on the lives of actors Khales Warrak, Rama Taher and Yazan Al-Hakim.

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Hetty de Kruijf graduated in 2015 from the Netherlands Film Academy with her film "Nighthaven." The film screened at numerous international film festivals and won several awards. In 2017 Hetty de Kruijf directed mid-length film "Jungle," produced by BIND. The film won a Golden Calf for Best Actor at the Netherlands Film Festival and was also nominated for Best TV Drama. Recently, "Jungle" received a nomination for the PRIX EUROPA 2018.

"Nothing to Declare" is written by Bastiaan Kroeger and produced by Joram Willink of BIND, Julia Rombout & Tessa Beijer. The film was realized with prize money won for "Nighthaven" and was supported by a.o. Filmmore and the Netherlands Film Fund. The film will have its world premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in September.

BIND productions screened at many international film festivals and have won several (inter)national awards, including an International Emmy® Kids Award for "Anything Goes" (2014), three World Best Event Awards and six Golden Calfs at the Netherlands Film Festival. Feature film "Gluckauf(2015) won four Golden Calfs, including Best Film. Gluckauf was also awarded with the prize for Best Screenplay at the Brussels International Film Festival and was nominated for a Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Short film "Gamechanger(2017) was selected for SXSW and nominated for the Grand Jury Award. The film was Vimeo Staff Pick in 2018.

EYE International organizes the Dutch short film selections, the qualifying run of "Nothing to Declare" in Los Angeles and oversees its submission to the Academy. On 22 January 2019, the Academy will announce the nominees in all categories, including those for Best Live Action Short Film. The Oscars® will be presented on February 24, 2019.



Animated short film EMILY by Marlies van der Wel, has been selected by an independent committee of Dutch film professionals for Oscar® submission in the Animated Short film category.

Emily, an old florist reminisces on her life. She has always been very generous to the people around her, but will the generosity ever be returned? Will she ever receive flowers herself? 

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"Jonas and the Sea(2015), first animated short by Marlies van der Wel (1984), premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and screened at many prestigious international film festivals, including Sundance and Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival. The film won several awards, a.o. Best Animated Short at both the Toronto International Film Festival and Huesca International Film Festival. Her second animated shortS "abaku(2016) also performed well at international festivals. This film also premiered at the Berlinale and received a Special Mention from the festival.

"Emily" is produced by HALAL in co-production with NTR (Dutch Public Broadcasting) and was realized with support from the Netherlands Film Fund, NPO Fund and CoBO. The film premieres in October at the Netherlands Film Festival.

EYE International organizes the Dutch short film selections, the qualifying run of "Emily" in Los Angeles and oversees its submission to the Academy. On 22 January 2019, the Academy will announce the nominees in all categories, including those for Best Animated Short Film. The Oscars® will be presented on February 24, 2019.

"A Double Life"

The Laemmle Monica Film Center (Santa Monica, CA) was also screening qualifying runs for "A Double Life," a short animation by Studio Job, Joris & Marieke. A deliciously dark comedy about a husband and wife whose different ideas of gender conformity lead to an unexpected confrontation.  A short film from the animation trio who brought you the Oscar-nominated short "A Single Life." Watch the trailer below and find more info on the animated short here.

© Job, Joris & Marieke

About Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

Job, Joris & Marieke, that’s the name of the animation studio. It’s just their three names: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw. It’s probably the most uncreative studio name ever. They admit it, they’ve put no effort at all in coming up with a better name. Pretty lame for such a creative studio. Doesn’t really speak for them, does it? They’ve made the wise decision to put all their creative energy into their work. And have you seen their work? Imagine how amazing their studio name could have been…

© Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

They have a weird history considering they’re an animation studio. The three of them didn’t study animation but they graduated as product designers at the Design Academy Eindhoven. During their studies, they discovered they had a passion for telling stories and composing music. But designing products + telling stories = very difficult. So animation turned out to be the best medium for them. It’s the perfect combination of storytelling, designing and composing.

In 2013 their slasher film "MUTE" was released. Their second short "A Single Life" was nominated for an Academy Award® in the category best animated short in 2015. Since then the studio focused on making short films. (Otto) was released in 2015 and it had its premiere at the TIFF festival in Canada and it was nominated for a Rocky Award. In 2016 their 21 minute film "Heads Together," made in co-production with Viking Film and VPRO, was released and it has been nominated for a Rocky Award and the Prix De Jeunesse. They’ve just finished their latest short "A Double Life," which had its festival release this fall.

Altogether, their films and music videos won over 75 awards and were screened at more than 300 film festivals worldwide. 

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