Joris Laarman featured at Pizzuti Collection

Pizzuti Collection
632 Park Street, Columbus, OH, USA

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From September 8th until January 20th, the Pizzuti Collection in Columbus, Ohio will feature Dutch design artist Joris Laarman's work in an exhibition titled "When Attitudes Become Chairs." 

 Installation Shot @ Pizutti  

Installation Shot © Pizzuti Collection 


When Attitudes Become Chairs

This September, the Pizzuti Collection will celebrate 5 years of exhibitions and programs that challenged tradition, addressed the concerns of our contemporary moment, and presented an unabashedly beautiful and open window to our world. As part of this lustrum, the Collection will feature three exhibitions, one of which is named "When Attitudes Become Chairs." 

In recent years the world of furniture design has been completely transformed. Once a fairly restrictive field in which form tended to follow function, it is today one of the most dynamic of all creative disciplines. Across a wide range of approaches - sometimes powered by new technology, sometimes simply by their imaginations - artists and designers alike are dramatically expanding the possibilities for furniture. WHEN ATTITUDES BECOME CHAIRS, co-curated by Marc Benda and Glenn Adamson, focuses exclusively on cutting-edge chair forms, including works by Ron Arad, Wendell Castle, John Chamberlain, Donald Judd, Shiro Kuramata and Gaetano Pesce; as well as Joris Laarman, whose high-tech and high-concept designs are shown in particular depth. 


Installation shot

Installation shot © Pizzuti Collection 


Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003. Laarman first received international recognition for his "Heatwave radiator" produced by the Dutch design brand Droog and later manufactured by Jaga Climate Systems. Heatwave radiator is currently on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2004, Laarman together with his partner Anita Star, founded Joris Laarman Lab in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The lab collaborates with craftsmen, scientists and engineers and the possibilities of emerging technologies as CNC systems, 3D printing, robotics or simulation software. 

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