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Pre-order photo book "New York New York: A City Life in Photos" by Richard Koek

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Photographer Richard Koek launches his new photo book "New York New York: A City Life in Photos", it is possible to pre-order the book now by clicking on this link. The first 150 receive a 5x7 print! 

Unlike cities like Amsterdam or Paris, or in fact almost any other major city in the world, New York doesn't have a fixed identity. Even its iconic spots, such as Times Square, are in a
constant state of flux. Photographer Richard Koek has captured the essence of this ever-changing world; a visual hymn to a city that worships the hard-working but shows no mercy to those that slip through
the cracks.

This unforgiving aspect is, in fact, one of the many reasons New Yorkers are proud to call the city home. Singular in its diversity, New York inspires belief in the idea that individual happiness is self-made, as its streets and buildings seem to suggest that, in this city, everyone can become the best version of themselves. In a world that struggles with constant demographic change, the Big Apple sets a shining example. Born and raised in the Netherlands by his Argentinean mother, Richard Koek now lives in New York and Amsterdam.

New York New York

New York New York: A City Life in Photos
Published by TERRA

25 x 34 cm, 256 pages.
First edition of 3,000.

Photographs by Richard Koek.
Introduction by Alice Rose George.
Delivery March 2018.

Richard Koek

Dutch-Argentinean photographer Richard Koek is a visual storyteller. He shares his love of New York City and the people that live there by communicating with them through the lens. His sensibility for the complicated life in New York shows in his photo’s, which are rather than a decisive moment, an encouragement to viewers to form their own interpretation of his work. Every picture becomes a new narrative, unique to its beholder. Koek decided to give up his profession as a tax lawyer to pursue his passion for photography in New York City. His work has featured in renowned titles including Interview Magazine, Stern, The New York Times and The New York Review of Books. Richard Koek lives in New York and Amsterdam, working for various international publications, companies and non-profit organizations.



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