Red Light Radio - Courtesy of the Artist

Red Light Radio - Courtesy of the Artist

The Sonic Jungle

The Sonic Jungle



Red Light Radio at The Sonic Jungle

The Sonic Jungle
510 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States

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On February 25, Red Light Radio will be at The Sonic Jungle. The cultural pop-up believes that helping people to prioritize their health is the most effective way to activate the Change Agents within them. In the winter and spring of 2017, The Sonic Jungle will transform a 44,000sq ft concrete canvas into a Cultural Oasis Pop-Up. They aim to showcase the power of art, music, wellness and eco-technology as catalysts for innovation and impact. They are building a collaborative community wherein people can recharge, find inspiration, and build genuine social connections that are founded in creating positive change. You’ll find exhibitions, music from around the world, organic food, and live performances, all rooted in environmental sustainability. 

About the Red Light Radio

Red Light Radio is an online radio station and international music platform based in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Since 2010 RLR broadcasts daily shows of local and international artists, does parties & concerts and collaborations with festivals, museums & other cultural partners all over the world.

About the Sonic Jungle

Communicating the importance of environmental preservation and protection is difficult. The environmental issues themselves are complex and the task that is saving and protecting our planet is daunting and discouraging. Advocacy campaigns trigger finite and momentary empathy and fail to resonate on deeper, personal levels. They fail to create lasting impressions. Impact measurement metrics and their regulatory frameworks are similarly short-termist by design as they are driven to achieve immediately quantifiable results. They mitigate risk, rather than proactively supporting innovative solutions. The Sonic Jungle is a platform and playground for the creative and the curious to ideate and innovate. 

The Sonic Jungle’s Cultural Oasis Pop-Up event series, is a preview for the permanent manifestation of The Sonic Jungle vision; a venue that will open in Bushwick in 2018, which will house an artist residency, host fundraisers for different sustainability issues, and provide affordable and accessible co-op workspace for creatives, scientists and intellectuals. The Sonic Jungle will also have a large rooftop garden, engaging local urban farmers and herbalists to grow produce and medicinal herbs, and host a lecture series aimed at sharing urban farming and sustainability knowledge with community members. 

By night, The Sonic Jungle will reinvent New York City nightlife by hosting purposeful parties which provide people with a place where they can celebrate, experience the healing powers of sound baths, connect and collaborate with like-minded people, and enjoy healthy alternative mood enhancers.

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